CRENO NEWS Acoustic Drilling And Ultrasonic Cutting – CRENO : New Ambitions


Acoustic Drilling – CRENO : New Ambitions
– Article in AIR&COSMOS N° 2632 March 15, 2019 ( – Translated by Google Translate

New premises, redesigned brand strategy, revised management, the world leader in acoustic drilling is reinventing itself to consolidate its international positioning and win back Europe.

Created in Annecy in 1978 where it is still based, known since under various names depending on the times and markets – Le Creneau, Créneau Industriel, Créneau … – the world leader in acoustic drilling has recently decided a total overhaul of his image. From now on, the company has only one international denomination: CRENO. This clarification is accompanied by a modernized visual identity coupled with the launch of a new website at the end of 2018 ( It goes especially with new ambitions.

The company, 90% of whose production goes abroad, wants to both strengthen its international base and make a return to the European market. “Historically, demand has been strong for our solutions in Asia and North America, where we have a California office. One of our new areas of development is to raise awareness in Europe of machines and robot cells developed by our engineers, “explains Alain Béjean.

This engineer, graduated from the Ecole Centrale in Paris, who worked for Salomon and the Somfy group, among others – he managed the major growth projects that allowed group turnover to grow from € 300 million to € 900 million – became the general manager of CRENO, following Laurent Combaz, former manager who accidentally disappeared in the mountains at the end of 2017. Appointed by the company’s supervisory board, Alain Béjean piloted, via a participative and empowering management team (a collective management with collaborators), this family-owned company, historically born of need to create extraordinary machining means. “The founders of the company were looking for niches,” niches “where the need to carry out atypical projects required to imagine specific processes,” explains Jean-Luc Parvillé, Sales Director.

Even today, the company’s 50 employees apply the foundations of this legacy. “We do not have a product catalog, but a process catalog. We do not sell machines following a call for tenders. One of the specificities of CRENO is to be present alongside the upstream customer to work with him to develop specific industrial processes, machines or robots that meet his needs “, continues Jean-Luc Parvillé. Safran, Sonaca, Dassault Aviation, Embraer, Stelia, Sukhoi, General Electric, Finmeccanica, Airbus and ATR are among the customers of CRENO.


World leader in the acoustic drilling of engine nacelle parts (making sound traps in the form of micro-holes – up to 4 million holes for a Boeing 787 nacelle), CRENO develops solutions based on 5-axis machines or adaptable robotic cells whose accuracy can reach the hundredth.
For four years, the company offers both a robot offer and a machine offer, two very different worlds but associated to offer a unique complementarity to date on the market.

Precursor, CRENO also specializes in a process that is still very little used in the aeronautics sector: ultrasonic cutting of honeycomb.
More precise since eliminating the risk of deformation of the material, cleaner because not generating chips or dust, but simple material falls, ultrasonic cutting offers a more qualitative final rendering. It also allows the creation of more complex shapes. This technique is for example used for the manufacture of cabin interior panels with significant weight gain on the end.

While CRENO is developing new, yet confidential, state-of-the-art products, a preview of which will be unveiled at the upcoming JEC World 2019 in Paris, the company has been benefiting for a few months from new, modern and large premises (800 m2 of offices, 1460 m2 of workshops). The construction of the building was guided by the need to respond to the Group’s new development challenges: to design more powerful, faster and larger machines to meet the increasing pace and future needs of the aerospace sector. To support this evolution, CRENO has already planned an extension of 1200 m2 of its new Haute-Savoie site in two to five years.

In Lyon, Jean-Philippe Laurent


4 million
The number of holes made in acoustic drilling that a Boeing 787 nacelle can count.

50 tons
The mass of the most imposing machine produced by CRENO to date.

40 meters
The length of the most imposing machine produced by CRENO to date.

Picture: Detail of an ultrasonic knife allowing the cutting of honeycomb material.