Routing of Aluminum Sheets

Creator of the “bridge-cut” process, CRENO aluminum stack routers automate the sheet trimming process with a very high level of productivity and quality.

This solution offers: → Complete supervision of the process for each machining sequence → Multiple aluminum sheets up to 12mm (0.47 inch) → Single steel sheets up to 2.5mm (0.01 inch) → Three metal machining operations: trimming, drilling, surfacing → Part marking system

The aluminum stack router solution

From your 2D CAD files, the machine generates the optimal nesting in order to minimize waste. Metal Trimming and drilling operations are automatically and simultaneously performed on sheet stacks of up to 12mm (0.47 inch).
The automatic tool changer, the efficient dust extraction system, and the “Bridge-cut” system offer fully automated operations.

CRENO Routing

Stack Router Machine “Bridge-cut”

Standard technical data