Machining of Composite Parts

CRENO is known worldwide to have delivered numerous large-sized, customized gantry CNC 3 / 5 axis milling machines dedicated to composite milling. Since 2015, we have extended our range for milling composite parts and materials with robotic machining and robot cell solutions.


5-Axis Machine

High accuracy and strong reliability, heavy duty, customized, advanced machining solutions.

A full range of multi-axis machines

Satellite panel machining

Overhead moving gantry


A full range of high-tech equipment: Countersinking, Orbital drilling, Compliance milling, Machining aggregates, Probes, Laser tool management…


Robot Cell

A full range of robotic machining cell solutions

Multi-placement robot cell for more productivity

Pendular robot cell for more flexibility

These solutions can be used in all industries likely to use robotic machining of composite materials.

Advantages of machining composite material on robots:

  • High productivity, in particular due to the pooling of tools and multiple installation options
  • Loading and unloading during machining operations
  • Better access to machining areas