CRENO NEWS CRENO is Betting on Robotic Machining of Lightweight Materials


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Article published on on January 1,2018.

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CRENO is betting on robotic machining of lightweight materials

The team of the manufacturer of gantry machining centers Le Créneau Industriel (CRENO) was still under the shock of the disappearance of their CEO and main shareholder Laurent Combaz, in a mountain accident at the end of October 2017. But this wise boss implemented everything so that his teams could make the company last in his absence.

Bruno Botton, head of the R&D department, was presenting at the exhibition a Stäubli robot with a Précise machining spindle driven by a Siemens digital control. “A robot has more flexibility than a traditional machining center because of its ability to combine machining and other operations,” he said.

“In addition, its online integration facilitates the organization of industrial workflows, while reducing the area needed on the floor and increasing the interoperability movement speed by up to 50%. By combining the expertise of roboticists with that of machining specialists, innovative solutions are being developed.

Car Ham France and Carbilly, manufacturers of cutting tools, bring their knowledge in this partnership steeped in a strong regional mechanical culture, all these partners, except Siemens, being established in Haute-Savoie. A keen expert in the aeronautical sector, Bruno Botton recognizes that the machining operations concerned are mainly oriented towards the work of aluminum and composites.

“But these materials are gaining momentum in the aeronautical sector, given their ability to lighten aircraft,” he says. Evolution to follow closely, so.