CRENO NEWS CRENO Makes it Titanium


With its new titanium machining solution, CRENO responds to the changing needs of its customers.
Why is CRENO investing in titanium machine development?

Whereas in the A320 or B737 airplanes, titanium alloys were typically used for 3 to 5% of the total weight, the new composite structures of the A350 and B787 use a lot more of titanium alloys (15% to 18% of the total weight), due to a better compatibility with composites CFRP which are mostly used in the modern airplanes. Besides the traditional use on nacelles and engine pylons, TA6V alloy is newly used in various structural frames and parts under strong stress. Those extruded parts must then be machined and with its large range of aeronautics machine, CRENO is willing to support its customer in this new field.

Why is it difficult to machine titanium alloys?

Titanium alloys have a very low thermal conductivity and are very strong. This combination reduces significantly the tool life, makes it difficult to get perfect surface finish and makes the chips extremely flammable.

How did CRENO design a state-of-the-art titanium routing machine?

Concerning the machine, CRENO designed a special cooling system, spindle and suction unit to include MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication), special tubing, fire detection device and safety mode. Concerning the process, CRENO developed special cutting tool geometry and made various trials to determine the optimal cutting conditions.
CRENO then launched a test program to validate its system and various titanium alloys machining capability (T40/TA2M/TC4M/TA6V). The routing of the parts was very good with no burrs and overheated surfaces. Parts were shown to one of our customer quality services and they were all accepted. CRENO routing machine is now titanium compatible!

What are the next steps?

The current trials are limited to single sheet routing, from 0.5mm min to 2mm max. We are currently working to enlarge those criteria and improve our productivity.

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