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An innovative company

Based in Annecy, CRENO designs machining equipment and solutions for the aeronautics industry based on large machines and robots. The company operates within very innovative niches, in a promising sector with high technical requirements.

International reach

Our customers are leading aeronautics companies from all over the world. We offer them differentiated solutions and maintain a close relationship with them thanks to our customer support teams based in France, North America and Asia.

Genuine team spirit

Beyond our expertise and professionalism, CRENO is proud of our team spirit, as seen daily in the collaborative and participative approaches we take to ensure the company’s success.

Team spirit that extends beyond the framework of the company.


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What is working at CRENO like? Hear from our employees:

Why did you choose CRENO?
Having previously worked in mechanics and machining, I knew the reputation of excellence of CRENO machining tools. Its strong international orientation also influenced my choice, just as, I must admit, the surrounding mountains and Lake Annecy.

What are your job duties?
I provide technical support to clients at the pre-project stage and I draw up commercial offers. I am also in charge of innovation in the acoustic drilling process and conduct qualification and improvement tests, which keeps me in touch with key aerospace accounts such as Airbus or UTC.

What is the CRENO spirit to you?
CRENO is an amazing company. Before going to work, you can climb a mountain and eat an omelette at the refuge or go on a ski tour… There is an excellent team spirit with regular activities with colleagues such as lunch on Thursday. This greatly facilitates the integration of newcomers!

Why did you choose CRENO?
What prompted me to say yes to CRENO is the opportunity to market high value-added machining solutions in a sector as exciting as aeronautics and aerospace, and this, on an international scale.

What are your job duties?
My job consists mainly in detecting new projects with European players in the aerospace industry who have machining needs. To get my job done, I work in close collaboration both with the technical teams (design office, pre-project unit, R&D) and with the customers. I also provide customer support in terms of after-sales and technical interventions and I answer all types of questions… It is an extremely varied and rewarding job, both professionally and personally.

What is the CRENO spirit to you?
Three words quickly come to mind: dynamism, dedication and team spirit.