CRENO NEWS Robotic Machining at the Service of Aeronautics


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Robotic machining at the service of aeronautics

The Haute-Savoie company Le Créneau Industriel (CRENO) has launched Acrobot, a project to design a robotic machining cell, especially for aeronautics. It is based on close collaboration with various partners in the region and especially with Stäubli because of the performance, speed and accuracy of its robotic solutions.

In recent years, composite materials have made a great place in the aerospace sector, equipping more than 50% of the latest aircraft. And this is not without reason. These materials make it possible to lighten the planes considerably and to thus make strong kerosene savings. It is therefore strategic for manufacturers to position themselves in this market.

Two lines of work drive this project. The first axis is based on the development of a robotic machining solution, controlled by a Siemens 840D sl digital control. The machining robot, via the uniVAL Drive option from Stäubli, is thus programmed and controlled like a traditional machine tool; the operator remaining in a universe that is familiar to him. The second axis aims to optimize machining processes by integrating partners such as Precise France for spindles and HAM and Carbilly for cutting tools.

Acrobot, a robotic machining cell project adapted to the needs of aeronautics

Precision and speed of work of the robots: an essential factor of success of the project

This project, thanks to the quality of its R&D program and the dynamism of the actors involved, has obtained the support of FUI, a special French Interministry fund, for its development.

This funding rewards an ecosystem that combines local companies, academic partners and a technical center such as Cetim-Ctdec, a stakeholder in the project. All these actors, well established in precision machining in Haute-Savoie, are used to working together. Indeed, their partnership has already enabled the establishment of a first industrial demonstrator for the cutting of honeycomb parts on Le Créneau Industriel (CRENO) site in Annecy.

Le Créneau Industriel (CRENO) chose Stäubli robots for their precision and speed of work. Their design also allows arm pressurization and the reception of a wide range of machining spindles, which is ideal for a variety of industrial applications. As a reminder, Le Créneau Industriel (CRENO) has been a pioneer since 1978 in turnkey machining solutions for complex processes. The company offers an innovative and robust process, powered by 5-axis machines or robots, on all continents. Its mission is to give its customers a head start over their competitors, by customizing the machine/process pair, its reliability and its integration into physical and digital industrial workflows.

Powered by Le Créneau Industriel (CRENO), Acrobot implements Stäubli robots

The partners of the Acrobot project under the FUI

Industrial partners: Precise France (pins and effectors), Carbilly (cutting tools), Stäubli (robots) and Duqueine (“pilot” end user)

Academic partner: Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers / National School of Arts and Crafts (ENSAM) Lille campus – LSIS laboratory

Technical Center: CETIM – CTDEC (Technical Center of Mechanical Industries – Technical Center of the Bar-Turning Industry)