CRENO NEWS The 20 French nuggets of the machine tool industry


Creno mentionned as a french nuggets by Usine Nouvelle magazine : MADE IN FRANCE – 20 diversified and innovative manufacturers
The French machine-tool industry still counts beautiful companies that shine in their field. Our selection in this heterogeneous landscape.

Extract from the article of L’USINE NOUVELLE N°3624 published on 05/09/2019 (original text in French)

CRENO, leader in acoustic drilling
Turnover: 6 million euros (2017)
50 employees
More than 400 machines delivered on four continents in forty years of existence. From Annecy (Haute-Savoie – France), CRENO provides aeronautics with innovative solutions for machining composite parts and cutting aluminum sheets. “We have more of a process catalog than products,” says Jean-Luc Parvillé, Sales Manager, “We are developing very early, with our customers, processes on machines or robots that correspond to their needs.”
CRENO is the world leader in the acoustic drilling of engine nacelles, with a solution to make millions of micro-holes, at a speed of up to 35 holes per second, to trap the sound.
Investing 8% of its turnover in R&D, the company has also innovated with the ultrasonic cutting of honeycomb structures, used to make a cabin interior for example.
In new premises since last year, CRENO is already planning an extension of the site within two years to meet the demand.